Property Settlements

Many couples agree on how they wish to settle their affairs and only need guidance to document the agreement that they have reached. Our family lawyers can assist you through this process and help you with advice as to what agreements are appropriate and fair having regard to legal principles, rights and obligations.

We always encourage resolution by agreement, ensuring an outcome that is efficient and cost effective.. We ensure your agreement is appropriate and fair by informing you of all your rights and obligations before it is finalized; no stone is left unturned. It is very important to note that written documents finalising your settlement is vital to avoid later disputesand to protect, as much as possible, against you or your partner changing their mind.

A settlement can be finalised in a number of different ways.One way is by Consent Orders, which are approved and sealed by the Court dealing with property, children and maintenance. The second way is by Financial Agreements without Court approval that are binding under the law. In some cases, a combination of both Court orders and Financial Agreements are most appropriate. Our family lawyer will guide you through this process and advise you as to what is most appropriate for your own individual circumstances.

Throughout the process, we make certain that you know your rights before you agree on the division of property and also make sure that any child arrangements are appropriate and are in the best interests of your children. It is also important to maintain civilised communication with your former partner as finality is more easily achieved when there is less conflict and the best interests of the children can only be achieved if parents can communicate effectively and calmly.

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