Prenuptial Agreements

Australian family law now enables both married and de-facto couples to enter into Binding Financial Agreements commonly known as Prenuptial Agreements. These agreements provide certainty, security and specify the division of assets if the relationship ends.

Most of us would spend a lot of time assessing a business opportunity and would seek solid advice before entering one. However, very few of us consider the possible risks of a relationship breakdown at the time we enter into it. Now is the deal time to consider the financial and other consequences of relationship breakdowns and to protect yourself against these risks. In doing so, communication with your partner is key, and the ultimate goal is to provide stability, certainty and security.

Binding Financial and Prenuptial agreements have strict legal requirements that must be followed. They are able to be entered into at any time, before, during and even after the relationship ends. They require the agreement of both parties. 

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