Mediation and out of Court settlements

Achieving out of Court settlements, in addition to saving time and money, allows you to resolve the financial and parenting issues of your relationship without losing control over the agreement.

Out of court settlements are often very useful for achieving a resolution that is under your control. It means that there is no requirement to resort to a judge of the Family Court of Australia to make a decision for you that neither you nor your former partner can control. 

Often when couples are in conflict over the issues, they can both be unhappy with the decisions made by the Family Court of Australia. Based on the evidence and legal arguments presented, the court will decide what they believe is the fairest outcome for your relationship and circumstances.

In order to have more control over the decisions and to achieve what you believe is appropriate and fair in the circumstances, a compromised and more balanced result can be achieved more quickly without the need of deferring to the courts.

Our family lawyers are experienced in commercial negotiation, and so can offer you a pragmatic and practical approach to these negotiations and settlements.

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