About Our Family Lawyers

Our family lawyers assist clients with a diverse range of family law issues. Unlike most specialist family lawyers, we are also commercial and dispute resolution lawyers. This means that our family lawyers approach the resolution of your marriage or de facto relationship in a way that is commercially pragmatic and goal oriented. We don't employ a "one solution fits all approach", but instead seek the best strategy for you that meets your individual needs, whatever they are.

If you have separated from your partner and want to move on with your life, call us for an appointment. We will:

1 - Establish your legal rights and obligations;

2 - Help you to set realistic goals towards resolution;

3 - Make an assessment of your case;

4 - Help you maneuver through the legal processes necessary to conclude the relationship and plan for the future as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is because we understand the complexity of property and children's issues arising from the breakdown of marriages and de facto relationships.

We understand that the breakdown of a relationship is an extremely stressful and emotional time. These factors also make it difficult to be able to plan for the future.Because this is a time of great need and support, we will be by your side to assist you at all times. As issues arise, we will be there with practical and pragmatic advice. We are available whenever you call or email, and we respond immediately, if not in hour We won't keep you waiting in a cloud of uncertainty not knowing your options; we will keep you informed every step of the way.

Our family lawyers will ensure that your needs are fully met at all times. Our approach is one of complete transparency – we keep you informed of every development as it occurs. The same high level of service expected and delivered to commercial clients is also delivered to you

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